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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Key Points of Teaching Grammar

I think the key points of teaching grammar are useful for me very much.
First, good rules and patterns can help students to understand. Through students see and think some group of grammar, they will be confused less times.
Second, I agree that gram mar learning should be fun. I think teachers should use some games, give students free situations, and make it fun. Grammar learning tends to bore students, so it is not good. It is important for learners to explore and discover by themselves rather than absorb bits of "knowledge."
Third, now I noticed that learning grammar is a process. Learners absorb some examples or explanation and partly understand. Next they forget a bit and partly understand some new examples. I thought it is important that learners keep on studying if they haven't mastered a rule completely.

I think it is of course useful that teachers use real things, quizzes, movement, pictures and charts to introduce new grammar. Then, what I've never seen is using dolls. They seem to speak only English, so it will be fun and useful.

Some ideas for practicing seem to be a little difficult. For example, reading from ending of the sentence to beginning, guessing the full sentence from a few words, substituting for some words partly, and converting from a style to others. However, they are useful and learners need to practice them.


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