Sunday, May 22, 2005

We teach three students numbers last Friday. We learn about many things from the experience. First, we noticed it is important to know student's level and so on. We could'nt narrow the matter teaching, and we were tensed up on acting before the students. Second, we thought we had to study how to teach this unit. We thought that we had to teach not only how to say numbers, but also how to use the numbers. We couldn't adopt how to use numbers, because we thought we had to teach how to say numbers to students who don't know how to say numbers rather than to teach how to use numbers. And we should have thought how to exercise students. Students practiced numbers through reptition and quiz. We could exercise students using games, action, and so on. Third, I realize that I need to acquire more instruction in English.If I have chance to teach students, I want to teach practical knowledge and skills using more instruction in English.


  • At 11:23 PM, tommy said…

    Hi! I'm tommy.
    I agree with your idea. You said that it is important to know students level, and so on.In the last class, I confused what is main in that lesson. Is it how to pronounce numbers? Is it how to count big numbers?
    So, it is important to clear teacher's gist, I think.

  • At 9:03 PM, Ellie said…

    I think Your group's lesson was very good, but I agree with your reflection. Your experiences are so useful for me because you are a member who practice the lesson actually..


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