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This blog is designed for my English Teaching Methodologies course at a University in Japan. I hope to use these blogs as a forum 1) to exchange ideas about how we can address the problems facing teachers of English in Japan 2) for students to understand the challenges they will face during their teaching practicum 3) learn from experienced English teachers and eachother about good English language teaching.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Assignment 4: Reflection on Sniffle's Lesson

For those of you that saw Sniffle's lesson,
Please write about what you particularly liked about Sniffle’s lesson and also a few things that they might try doing differently in the future.

Please write an entry reflecting on your experience teaching numbers to the three students. Please try to get your blogs done early so other people can comment on them.

To Everyone,
Please don't forget to comment on your classmates' blogs. It might be especially nice to comment on the presenters' blogs!
Please have your blog done by Tuesday, May 24 and your comment completed by Wednesday, May 25.


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