Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Reflection on Sniffle's Lesson

☆What I particularly liked about Sniffle' lesson
First good point is repetition. They repeted number over and over again when they taught number to the students. It is good for the students because they could confirm how to pronounce and how to count numbers.
Second is using pictures. They used pictures (humburger, juice, money) when they demonstrated how to order. The pictures were visiable, so the students would understand easily.
Third is increasing students' speaking speed. Sniffle pointed at numbers and the students read out. They enjoyed and concentrated on reading out the number.
☆A few things that they might try doing differently in the future
They could more use the dialogue. I think Sniffle's lesson is very good for teaching number but I don't think they can use number in real situation. So, they could use role playing.
I think they could emphasize differense between thirteen and thirty, fourteen and forty, fifteen and fifty. Their pronunciations are different. If Sniffle pronounce them more slowly, the students will be able to understand the differenses.
They could use more examples. They used the plural form. "One pen. Two pens. One book. Two books." It was good but the students may not completely understand the plural form, because there are not examples " three, four, five...". So they could use more examples.


  • At 6:25 PM, riverdance said…

    I thought you were right. I thought examples were wanting.

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  • At 10:25 PM, kai said…

    Thank you for giving your opinion. I think so.If I have a chance to teach, I will refer to your opinion.

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  • At 8:33 PM, Ellie said…

    I learned from your reflection on a few things Sniffles should improve. I didn't notice your opinion that they could emphasize the difference between thirteen and thirty, fourteen and forty, and fifteen and fifty, and that it is better if there are examples "three, four, five" when they teach the plural form. I agree with you.

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