Sunday, May 29, 2005

Junior High School Grammar

As a student, I feel "I am...", "It is...", "You are..." and the auxiliary verb:can are easy for me. I learn them as a chunk.
And I feel the declension is difficult because these constructions are different between Japanese and English.
Japanese Wa tashi + (ga, no, wo or ni)
English I =Watashi-ga, my=Watashi-no, me=Watashi-wo(ni)
Next, I feel the objective case of the relative pronoun and the participle are difficult, too. I mix the past participle with the passive voice.
As a teacher, Practically, I think the third person, the passive voice, the present perfect, the sentence pattern, the participle, the gerund, and the tag question are difficult to teach. We don't have any ideas like the third parson in Japanese. And It is difficult to rewrite SVC and SVOO.
Teaching these grammartical elements comprehensible is very difficult. I can teach "Do you...?" or "I want to...." etc. as a foemula chunk, so they look easy at first sight but they are not necessarily easy. I think so.

Monday, May 23, 2005

An answer of the question from JH

I am sorry. My opinion lacked of a explanation.
When we did Total Physical Response, I did not understand a shoulder or a arm. I felt this was a very very little misunderstanding but it was going to be a cause of some error. I also felt "Was it Ok?" Therefore I thought like that.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Assignment4 Sniffle's entry reflection

I worked a greeting with A. I said "How are you?" but nobady did not say "And you?" so I was troubled. And though three students answered, I could not say anything. I was sorry about it.
We had to think our lesson more enjoyable thing because this teaching material was "Hamburger shop", there were another way which could teach students numbers enjoyable and how to use it in our daily life. Our lesson had a success with Speaking but our lesson was lack of "Talking" with each other. So I thought that we ought to have had "Work(Talk) with your partner" time and used that sentences.s

Monday, May 16, 2005


I felt "Repetitions" and using a "Visuals" helpful. It was effective to learn keywords by using eyes and ears. And "Total Physical Response" was helpful, too. Students could make a connection between the bady movement(meaning) and the word. I almost agreed with that lesson. There were great methods but I thought some students might have worries about "Is my idea really right?" during the class, because there might be some mistakes even if the teacher taught carefully, for example hands or fingers? shoulders or arms?

Monday, May 09, 2005


I was confused then, because nobady knew my father's name so I hesitated to answer.