Monday, June 20, 2005

Reflection on my lesson (Team A's lesson)

We tried to make Mr.Abdoreim feel relaxed and recall the last class in this part.
We didn't have confidence that Mr. Abdoreim remember the content of the last class. So we decided to do a short play, again. And to make sure that he can recall "Good morning.","Good evening","I'm ~", and so on, we made himself do the short play. By his short play, we could see that he almost remember the content, so I feel relief!! I think, we could do this because our student is only one person. But if we must teach 40 students it was difficult to check students' memories....
3.Introduction of New Material
First,we did new short play, and ask Mr.Abdoreim "What do they say?" Really, we had never expected that Mr.Abdreim could understand the differences between "This is" and "That is" in this stage. But he could understand!!! It was great occurrence, but we were a little puzzled.... We were going to make him notice the differences gradually. Mr.Abdoreim is great person....(;^_^
☆pronunciation practice
I think we should say the sentences more loudly and more slowly. And I think we should also make students practice the words for example "pencil","eraser", and so on.
I think we should speak clearly during the class.


At 9:29 PM, cube said...

I think, your lesson was realy good. My favorite points of this class were review and teachers' attitude. First, in review, teachers tried to confirm Mr. Abdoreim's memorization. This was important things to step next learning. Second, teachers taught politely in their lesson. So, Mr. Abdoreim could understand easily, at his own pace.
Thank you for your lesson.


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