Monday, June 20, 2005

Reflection on Team A's Lesson

I did English lesson for the first time as a member of Team A. I strained very much but I did my best!

We instructed the lesson in Japanese. This lesson turgets are only 2 points;
1. To undestand difference of "this" and "that".
・"this" means 「これは」. →近くにあるもの
・"that" means 「あれは」. →遠くにあるもの
2. To learn how to say "This is ~" and "This is ~"
・「これは~です」→"This is ~"
・「あれは~です」→"This is ~"

★Sugestions for an even Better Lesson★
Japanese were too much. I thought we should use easy English.(ex. "Repeat after me.","Let's practice!" and so on.) If Mr.Abdreim cannot understand the means, he will be able to do through seeing another member's action.
I agree with what JH said. This is good way to understand difference of "this" and "that".
(JH said: Hold a ball and say "This is a ball". Throw the ball to a student and point to the ball and say "That is a ball." Have the student say "This is a ball" and throw the ball to another student saying aftwards "That is a ball". This is one possible way to practice the pronunciation of "This" and "That" while learning the difference.)


guwashi said...

I enjoyed your lesson! Thank you.
I think it was good point that you used the class room widely when the explanation about an use of''This is'' and ''That is.'' Students are not tired of learning.

7:09 PM  
nyanji said...

Thank you for comment!
We wanted to try teaching Mr.Abdreim "our","my","your". (ex. This is "my" book.) However, we thought "our","my","your"are difficult for him to distinguish, becouse he is a English beginner. So we focused on "This/That is ~".

1:49 AM  
JH said...

My personal opinion is that "our", "your" and "my" would not have been too difficult for Mr. Abdoreim to understand.

6:15 AM  
nyanji said...

Next time, if I have the chance like this, I want to do lesson better.
I really thought teaching is very difficult. Teacher have to do with considering student's intelligibility. This time I learned a lot from Mr. Abdoreim.
Thank you.

8:32 AM  

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