Syllabus for pȋ@hhh

James Hall

I Work for the Semester:

1.      Continue our study of Second Language Acquisition for a theoretical base

2.      Study and practice methods of English language instruction that encourage students to

(A)  learn from input through reading and listening

(C)  produce the language through speaking and writing 

3.      Begin to develop the English skills we will need to be good English teachers:

(A)  Pronunciation, writing, public speaking

4.      Prepare for teacher training by practicing to teach

5.      Create web logs and use them as a medium to provide each other feedback on our practice teaching and our opinions about the class content. Also, we will use web logs to communicate with teachers outside the class.


II Evaluation

We will have approximately 10 blogging assignments and 15 classes. You will receive one point for each class you attend and each blogging assignment that you do. Also, each group will have the opportunity to do at least one practice class. You will receive 2 points for a practice class. The number of points you accumulate will decide your grade, but if you miss more than three classes you will not receive a D.


Anyone who earns more than 25 points will receive a D

Anyone who earns between 21 and 24 points will receive a

Anyone who earns more than 17 and 20 points will receive a .

                                *All Point Totals Are Tentative







-          Ellis, Rod. (1997). Second Language Acquisition. Oxford University Press.

Recommend to prepare for K

- ĎRARhAc. (2002). wpȋKnhubNxC.


III Schedule

Week 1 (April 13): Orientation and Review

Week 2 (April 20): Computer Room

Week 3 (April 27): Learning from Input: Teacher Talk

Week 4 (May 11): Learning from Input: Listening

Week 5 (May 18) : The structure of a lesson and useful activities

Week 6 (May 25): A practice lesson: 2 lessons

Week 7 (June 8): Learning from Input: Teaching about grammar

Week 8 (June 15): A practice lesson: 2 lessons

Week 9 (June 22): Guest lecture by c..

Week 10 (June 29): Learning from Input: Reading

Week 11 (July 6): Output based activities: speaking, writing

Week 12 (July 13): Practice Lesson (2 Lessons)

Week 13 (July 20): Output based activities: group work, pair work, role-play

Week 14 (July 27): Practice Lesson: Facilitate group work!

Week 15 (August 3): Summary